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High Precision Weighing Scale in UAE

Choose from the widest range from the Top Weighing Scale Suppliers in UAE

Phoenix Dison Tec LLC brings to you one of the largest collections of weighing scales in UAE. If you are looking for platform scales, lab scales, crane scales, or any other type of weighing scale in Dubai, then we are the right option for you. Our equipment offers everything that you want – high precision, great build quality, excellent durability, and affordability. Explore the range of products that we have and contact us for customized solutions for your business.

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Our Range of Weighing Scales

Here are some of the different weighing scales that we offer:


Crane Scales


This type of weighing scale is commonly used in the manufacturing and logistics industry. It helps in knowing the exact weight of an irregularly shaped load or a large collection of small items in one go. Knowing the exact weight of the load is critical when transporting through a plane, train, ship, or any other modes of transportation.


Platform Scales


Platform scales are used in manufacturing and similar industries to weigh bulky items or a very high number of small items. They are mainly built using stainless steel that makes them easy to clean. As one of the reliable weighing scale suppliers in UAE, we offer a wide range of platform scales of various ranges to meet your individual needs.


Jewellery/Lab Scale


Jewellery items and items in laboratory research are usually small in size, and even a milligram could make all the difference. So, such scales need to be highly precise. We use advanced electronic components that give you the most precise readings.


Electronic Counting Scales


Electric piece counters are ideal for applications where the exact count is required. For example, manufacturing plants use such a piece of equipment to count the exact number of screws, bolts, washers, and other such components.


Apart from these, we also offer several other types of scales including waterproof scales in UAE, NEP indicators, pallet weighing scales, and a range of others.


Contact us today to get the right weighing scale in UAE for your business.

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